Principal's Message

Picnic Point High School was established in 1962. This year the student population increased to 1031 (the greatest number of students in many years) with a teaching staff of 71.1 teachers.

This growth has enabled us to offer a very diverse curriculum while still maintaining a strong, nurturing student welfare program focused on close contact with students and their parents.

The school continues to have an excellent reputation in the community for providing quality education within a caring and well disciplined environment. The school strives to create a dynamic learning environment that encourages all students to achieve their personal best and become responsible, informed citizens.

The school's image in the community is enhanced by students' exemplary achievements in external examinations including the School Certificate (which was discontinued at the end of 2011) and in the Higher School Certificate. The wide range of students' sporting achievements also contributes to the strong reputation of the school.

There has also been a long standing Performing Arts tradition and extra-curricular Dance and Drama continue to be both very popular and successful programs at Picnic Point High School.

The school has upgraded its facilities and teaching resources (due to the assistance of the State and Federal Governments and generosity of a very active and supportive Parents and Citizens Association). Our facilities include:

-    Basketball Courts Resurfacing

-    6 Science Laboratories

-    Specialised Dance Room

-    25 Seater School Bus

-    Specialised Drama Room

-    Multi-purpose Sports Complex

-    Commercial Kitchen

-    Gymnasium

-    Weights/Fitness Gym

-    Over 24 Interactive Whiteboards

The Parents and Citizens Association and School Council support the school in partnership with teachers to collaboratively influence the future directions of the school. 

We strongly believe that positive interpersonal relationships are the single most important ingredient in our successful school.  Students, parents, visitors to the school and teachers remark on the positive, sociable, friendly and warm atmosphere.  You can not mandate such a feeling.  It is the soul and culture of our school and is the product of talented students, supportive parents and committed and quality teachers learning together.

I wish all students the very best in academic achievement and success in all the other extra-curricular activities the school is offering this year.


Wolly Negroh

March 2014