Parents and Citizens Association

Picnic Point High School has School Council and a P&C.  The P&C is more than a fund raising committee; members of the P&C are involved in many aspects of the school -

·                Canteen volunteers

·                Scribes for exams

·                Interviewing panels for staff placements

·                Selection panels for Year 7 enrolments

·                Various committees e.g. Canteen, uniform

·                Annual Report writing


The canteen at Picnic Point is a P&C run canteen.  We employ a supervisor each day and she is supported by volunteers.  We are rostered on a monthly basis.


Picnic Point High School P&C meetings are held on 3rd Monday of each month at 7.00pm in A Block and all are welcome.  This is an opportunity to ask questions, find out what’s going on at the school, get to know how things run, offer suggestions and get to know other parents. 

There is no obligation to be involved with any committees or take a position on the P&C.

The present executive of the P&C is:

-     President - Kelly Macdonald

-    Vice President - Christine Butters

-    Secretary - Kate Hallows

-    Treasurer - Fiona Gray

If you have any questions please ring the school and they will put you in touch with a member of the executive. We look forward to seeing you and encourage you to be part of your school community.


Parent Volunteer Roster

Each year the school compiles a database of parents who are willing to assist the school and the students in a wide variety of ways e.g. Reader / Writer for exams, Sports Umpire /Coaches, Working bees, Library etc.

If you can assist in any way, please complete the “Parent Volunteer” form that will be in the first PIC-NEWS of the year. All help is greatly appreciated.