Enrolment At PPHS

Picnic Point High School was opened in 1962. In the late nineteen eighties the government changed enrolment rules to allow students and their parents to have some choice of which high school to attend. As a result, the school population has been on the increase with a waiting list in every year group allowing a broad academic curriculum, and many extra curricular activities to be conducted.

Enrolment Ceiling and Enrolment Buffer

Picnic Point School maintains an enrolment ceiling, based on available permanent accommodation and total numbers in each year group. Within the enrolment ceiling, a buffer of up to 10 will be maintained in each year group to accommodate local students arriving throughout the year. Places in the buffer will not be offered to non-local students.


Placement Panel

The placement panel will consider and make recommendations on all non-local enrolment applications.


Year 6 into Year 7 enrolment applications: The Placement Panel consists of the Principal, the Learning Support Teacher, the School Administration Manager, the incoming Year 7 Adviser and one school community member nominated by the P&C. The Principal is the chairperson.


Applications for enrolment into Years 8 - 12, and Year 7 after the commencement of the school year: The panel consists of the Principal, the Deputy Principal responsible for the relevant year group and School Administration Manager. The panel is chaired by the Principal.


The decisions made by the placement panel are made within the context of the enrolment ceiling and the buffer retained for local students arriving later in the year.


Criteria for Non-local Enrolment Applications

Criteria for selecting amongst non-local enrolment applications will be made available to parents who are interested in enrolling their children. The placement criteria for non-local applicants listed below will be used by the panel to establish an order of placement, so as to either offer a position at the school (when local enrolment numbers permit) or placement on a waiting list.


Selection Criteria for Out of Area Students

1.         School performance reflecting Picnic Point High School values related to:

2.         Proximity to the school

3.         Preference for co-educational rather than single sex schooling

4.         Performance reflecting ability, achievement, and interest related to Picnic Point High School extra curricular provisions

5.         Student welfare or compassionate circumstances

Students from out of area wishing to apply should include all supporting evidence that may assist the intake panel in making a decision. The Principal will ensure that the established criteria are applied equitably to all applicants.

Waiting List

A waiting list may be established for non-local students. Parents/carers will be advised if their child is to be placed on a waiting list .The size of the waiting list will reflect realistic expectations of potential vacancies. The waiting list is current for one year.



Where a parent wishes to appeal against the decision of the placement panel, the appeal should be made in writing to the Principal. Where required, the Principal will provide or arrange assistance, such as an interpreter, to enable the appeal to be set out in writing. The Principal will seek to resolve the matter. The purpose of the appeal is to determine whether the stated criteria have been applied fairly.


Local enrolment applications

When parents/carers of students applying for enrolment contact the school by telephone or in person, the Front Office staff will provide them with an Enrolment Request form. If they are able to present proof of address within the school's local enrolment area, they will be provided with an enrolment package, which includes advice on other required documentation. Proof of address within our local area includes: rates notice, rental notice, paid utilities bill. Note that a driver's license is not adequate. Families must live in our precinct for them to be considered 'local' enrolments.


The Enrolment Request form for any local applicant will be submitted to the Principal. If the student is local, an appointment will be made for an interview with the Principal.


Non-local enrolment applications

Depending on current student numbers, the Placement Panel will determine that the student be:

  i)       considered for enrolment or

  ii)      advised to attend their local school or

  iii)    placed onto the waiting list

If the student is to be considered for placement, the Principal will arrange an appointment as soon as possible. The parent/carer will be provided with the enrolment package at this interview.


Required documentation

Every new enrolment must have: